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Founded in 2000 and based in Montreal, Mediabiz is specialized in international fundraising, in creating mechanisms and financial structures for the entertainment industry.

Over the last 15 years, Mediabiz has participated in the financial structuring of over USD 3 billion of production volume.

Its financial division, Mediabiz Capital, launched a fund in 2012 to support the production division and its strategic partners by providing financial engineering, bridge, gap and other interim financing. Mediabiz Capital can also deploy its own equity through Mediabiz Investissement and TGE Capital, as well as raise additional equity via third parties.




Founded in 2009, the production division is the result of a decade of synergistic strategic alliances between Mediabiz and its international partners.

Its mission is to acquire, co-finance and carry out the development and production of quality international TV, theatrical and multiplatform products for worldwide distribution (animation and live action).

Mediabiz produces in-house projects, international co-productions and service productions in Canada, which has a geographical advantage, great financial benefits, top infrastructures and in-depth production know-how.





Karine Martin


Karine is a producer, financier and lawyer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Based in Montreal, she started her career as an attorney for two large law firms in Canada where she practiced litigation, commercial and corporate law in addition to entertainment law. As CEO of Mediabiz since 2002, she has acted as Executive Producer, Producer or Financier for more than 40 TV or film projects.

She has been involved in raising equity, fund managing and financial engineering for media groups, international banks, sovereign, private and pension funds, producers and distributors widely reputed throughout Asia, the Middle East, Americas and Europe, including major and independent entertainment entities. Karine is the president of the production division and acts as producer on all projects produced or financed by Mediabiz or its related entities.



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Mediabiz and M3 Film Group Form MBM3 Films

MBM3 Films logo

Mediabiz International and M3 Film Group have partnered to form MBM3 Films as a development, finance and production company committed to investing into films with budgets ranging from $8 million to $15 million.

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Montreal company teams up with American producer and investors to create a new Hollywood studio

Mediabiz, one of Canada’s top production and financing companies dedicated to the creative development, financing, packaging and production of quality film, TV and digital projects for the international market, announces it is partnering with American producer and investors to create Cirrina Studios. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, the new studio will focus on creating commercially viable, high-quality film and television projects, as well as other media.

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Jamillah and Aladdin Announced

Jamillah and Aladdin

Award-winning international production houses Kindle Entertainment (UK) and Mediamax (Canada), and Toonz Entertainment have commenced production on the joint CBeebies and CBBC co-commissioned Jamillah & Aladdin (52 x 14’).

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