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Mediabiz is a group of companies dedicated to the development, financing and production of quality media for all platforms and the global market.

We offer a unique combination of production expertise and investment capacity
Our participation to a project is global, integrated and cross-border.


Mediabiz is specialized in international fundraising, creating mechanisms and financial structures for the entertainment industry. Since 2000, Mediabiz has participated in the financial structuring of over USD 3 billion of production volume. Through its affiliated entities, Mediabiz Capital, Starlings and MBM3, Mediabiz provides financial engineering as well as bridge, interim and equity financing.


Founded in 2009, the production division is the result of a decade of synergistic strategic alliances between Mediabiz and its international partners. Its mission is to acquire, co-finance and carry out the development and production of quality international TV, theatrical and multiplatform products for worldwide distribution (animation and live action).

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Karine Martin, CEO and producer

A leading figure in female entrepreneurship and the entertainment industry with 25 years’ experience, Karine is an award-winning producer, an entertainment lawyer. As CEO and co-founder of Mediabiz International and Starlings Entertainment as well as co-founder and Managing Partner of MBM3 (two Los Angeles based production and financing companies) Karine defines their strategic directions and oversees the financing, production and operation of their projects. Karine also manages affiliated funds in addition to sitting on their respective investment committees.