Our offer

  • Detailed knowledge of the film industry.
  • Experienced management team including producers, lawyers and bankers who are able to develop and manage complex financial structures,including their negotiation and implementation.
  • Able to assess and identify projects that meet the selection criteria, with a focus on yield optimization and the alignment of the financial interests of the financial division with those of the production and exploitation partners.
  • Consolidation of the internal skill set that ensures control and careful monitoring of the production and of the investment.
  • The resources to insure vigilance in the operation of the financial division and the maintenance of a transparent relationship with investors, and the financial, production and exploitation partners.
  • Direct access to international networks in the entertainment and financial industries.
  • A reputation of professionalism, expertise and ethics.

Mediabiz Capital

Mediabiz Capital is Mediabiz’ financing division. Our expertise and network, both in finance and production, represents an added value for the investors and the producers. Our deep knowledge in financial structuring contributes to optimize, accelerate and simplify the financing processes. Our active participation to a project and our strong expertise in production and exploitation assure a better alignment of the interests between the parties, mitigate the risk and contribute to maximize the potential return for everyone.

Mediabiz works with affiliated funds with the aim of financing world-class media and entertainment projects through various platforms. Backed by private investors, debt financing and its affiliated fund, Mediabiz provides short-term bridge, gap and guaranteed revenue financing.

As added value to its debt products, Mediabiz may provide financial engineering services as well as access to third party equity investors, including its affiliate equity vehicles.

Mediabiz is able to coordinate the closing of the entire financing of a project, including third party participations and have access to development money. Mediabiz operations are managed from Montreal with representation in London (UK) and Los Angeles.

In 2017, Mediabiz announces it is partnering with American investors and partners to create Starlings Capital and MBM3, equity funds based in the United States, which will invest in a portfolio of world-class projects over several years, creating value through a diverse catalogue of entertainment ventures. The funds’ investments into particular projects will be subject to well-defined qualification criteria regarding the content and investment potential, offering greater transparency to investors and increased revenue generating opportunities. The funds aims to finance between 20% to 100% of the projects’ production costs currently.

About us

Founded in 2000, Mediabiz is a boutique firm specialized in international fundraising, in creating mechanisms and financial structures for the entertainment industry.

Over the last 20 years, Mediabiz has participated in the financial structuring of over USD 3 billion of production volume. Mediabiz and affiliates’ team is composed of high-profile individuals who have been collectively involved in more than USD 20 billion of production volume as bankers, lawyers, funds managers, media executives, distributors, sale agents or producers.

Mediabiz has grown through 4 phases

  1. Offering targeted strategic advice to companies wishing to invest funds or raise financing in the entertainment industry, as well as advice with respect to restructuring operations;
  2. Outsourcing specialized functions for international film or television productions, namely financial and legal functions and corporate and strategic development operations;
  3. Creating international mechanisms and financial structures as well as fund management services for media groups, equity funds and international banks;
  4. Establishing its own financing entities.

Since its foundation, Mediabiz is focused on a long-term perspective, the professionalism and the expertise of its team, and the principle of ethical awareness and excellence.

Mediabiz works in partnership with the producers and aims to bring to the projects significant added value through its guidance and support which contribute to optimize the effectiveness in terms of finance and production processing as well as investment monitoring.