Mediabiz Production

Mediabiz acts as creator and vector no matter the project’s origin, production locations and target markets. Mediabiz’ participation in the production of projects is Global, Integrated and Cross-Border.

Karine Martin and Mediabiz have participated in the financing of over 45 projects. Its team has been involved in the financing and/or the production of more than 100 film or TV projects, including major international co-productions and service productions for broadcasters and studios such as BBC, CBC, Columbia Pictures, Disney, HBO, ITV, Lifetime, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Sony, Time Warner, Universal and 20th Century Fox. Currently, Mediabiz is participating in film slates and TV series with high caliber international players.

About Starlings

Mediabiz is also a major partner in Starlings Entertainment, a group of companies dedicated to the development, production and financing of cost effective, character driven, high quality, commercial content for global audience. Starlings’ production divisions (Starlings Studios, Starlings Animation and Starlings Television) focus is on smartly budgeted, highly commercial live action and animated films and television programs along with other media, developed both in house and also sourced from an expansive network of affiliated and longstanding agency and producer relationships.