Karine Martin to co-manage Cirrina Studios, a multi-faceted content development, production and finance company

May 31, 2017, Montreal, QC—Mediabiz, one of Canada’s top production and financing companies dedicated to the creative development, financing, packaging and production of quality film, TV and digital projects for the international market, announces it is partnering with American producer and investors to create Cirrina Studios. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, the new studio will focus on creating commercially viable, high-quality film and television projects, as well as other media.

The new studio will be a great asset for Montreal-based Mediabiz which has already a solid footing in the Hollywood film industry. Since the company was founded in 2000, Mediabiz has participated to the financing and production of a cumulative volume of more than US$3 billion in international projects. Active almost exclusively internationally, Martin, an award winning producer, has herself been involved in more than 40 TV or film projects as financier, executive producer or producer.

“It has always been my ambition to support creative projects from inception to completion, projects that would entertain viewers all over the world,” said Karine Martin, co-founder and co-managing partner of Cirrina Studios and CEO of Mediabiz. “We have the team that has the talent and financial means to support this vision: we are eager to nurture high-quality content with mass appeal.”

Cirrina Studio will benefit from Karine Martin and Mediabiz’ expertise and network as well as from the participation of entertainment-industry veterans including David Lipman, former Dreamworks head of production who will act for Cirrina as president of production. The other co-founder and co-managing partner is Jeff Stentz who comes from Hendricks Holding Company, which is one of the primary founders and investors behind the new venture.

The new entertainment company has already announced its first production project: the animated movie The Extincts, based on the middle-grade novel by Veronica Cossanteli. A number of other very interesting movie projects starring Hollywood A-listers are already being negotiated at the Studio.


Cirrina Studios has also established Cirrina Capital, an equity fund, which will invest in a portfolio of projects over several years, creating value through a diverse catalogue of entertainment ventures. Diane Hendricks and Mediabiz are the primary investors.

About Cirrina Studios

Cirrina Studios is a collection of interconnected companies that focus on financing and producing smartly budgeted, highly commercial live action and animated films and television programs along with other media. Projects are developed in house as well as sourced from an expansive network of affiliates and longstanding producer relationships. Cirrina Studios has established a dedicated production financing fund designed to invest in a portfolio of partly or wholly-owned projects over a multi-year term. The fund aims to generate enduring value through a diverse catalogue of entertainment ventures, offer transparency to investors and increased revenue generating opportunities.

About Mediabiz

Founded in 2000 and managed from Montreal with representation in London, Toronto and Los Angeles, Mediabiz is a group of companies dedicated to the development, financing and production of quality media for all platforms and the global market. Having started its activities as a boutique firm specialized in international fundraising, in creating mechanisms and financial structures for the entertainment industry, Mediabiz has participated in the financial structuring of over USD 3B of production volume for international banks, media groups and private and sovereign funds around the world. The combination of its financial expertise and its international activities enabled Mediabiz to develop a network around the world and a unique knowhow. Mediabiz is now based on a synergistic management of a financial division, consisting of A) Development Funds, B) Debt Funds and C) Equity Funds, as well as a production division, consisting of entities for development and production of television, film and multiplatform contents.